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Tell us a little bit about yourself |

I’m a south London dweller, originally from the north east of England. Having worked for years in digital marketing and CRM I went freelance a year ago, wanting to pursue content creation whilst continuing my digital marketing work in a part-time, consultancy basis. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, whilst it’s by no means been an easy ride, I’m so much happier with a flexible lifestyle that I’m in control of. I now split my time pretty evenly between the two roles, I’ve always loved styling clothes and I really enjoying being able to share my style with my audience and connect with them over an affinity for fashion.

Outfit from Vestiaire, secondhand luxury fashion website

So obviously with the New Year having just started do you have any eco changes you are planning on making to your current lifestyle? |

I’ve been making changed to my lifestyle for the last couple of years to try and be more eco-friendly. For example, we go vegetarian for the first few months of the year and have done so for the last 4 years. It’s a little thing but I honestly think its these small changes that will make a big difference. It’s hard to convince people to cut out meat forever/go vegan, but I think everyone can spend 1-2 months per year doing it and it would make a huge difference.

Vegetarian home cooked meal

How does a typical week in lockdown look for you currently? |

I feel like there isn’t really a typical week in lockdown! Some days I have really little motivation and maybe sit in my pjs and complete one or two tasks in the day. Other days, I’ll get up, exercise, get dressed and tick a quite a few things off my to-do list. It’s a really turbulent time in terms of mental health and I try to just listen to what my mind needs that day. I’ve just recently started trying out meditation – I use the ‘Calm’ and ‘buddhify’ apps and I’m really enjoying how it helps me concentrate and get less distracted.

Now that we are all spending more time at home do you have any advice for simple changes we can make to our home lifestyles to help become a little more planet-friendly? |

So we recently invested in a small, low energy heater for our kitchen where we both work during the day. During these cold months it’s hard to work at home and not have your heating on (especially if you live in an old house like ours) – so now we just use the heater in the kitchen throughout the day and don’t touch the heating. I also love ‘Home Things’ reusable, sustainable household cleaning products – you refill them which cuts down massively on single use plastic from cleaning products. They’re also vegan and non toxic!

Outfit from Vestiaire, secondhand luxury fashion website

What is your most recent & favourite planet-friendly purchase? |

Not one thing specifically, but I hugely recommend Vestiaire for secondhand luxury fashion. If you’re thinking of investing in something, definitely have a look on their first as they have so many good pre-loved pieces, which are often almost brand new.

If there was one thing you could change with a click of your fingers to help fight climate change what would it be and why? |

Food waste and food production in general is something that I wish I could change with a click of my finger. Not only is it damaging to the environment the way we exploit animals but its also directly related to Covid and other flus. It something that is barely talked about in the news since the outbreak of the pandemic. Of course, we want to know how to cure it but I really hope that we take positive steps to make real changes to the way we look after and use animals for food.


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