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This week we caught up with Hayley, founder of Inside Our Flat who shared with her top sustainable tips and why she is using more toxic-free cleaning products in her home.

Where do you look for creative trends?

I think Instagram and Pinterest are a great way to find new trends and to be able to visualise what things may look like.

Which room is the most important part of your home?

Our living/dining room - it’s where we spend most of our time in and it has such a bright but cosy feel to it. Especially since working from home, it’s a room in the house that is completely separate from my work space, and it is so important to have somewhere where you can escape and completely shut off from work.

What are your top tips for styling a home sustainably?

Invest in items that you know will last, so that may mean spending more on better quality items but you should feel reassured that they will last longer and are ethically sourced. Also, to think about timeless pieces that w0n’t go out of style in a year, so you are investing in long-term items.

How do you try and lead a more conscious lifestyle?

Every change helps. I started off with reusable water bottles and coffee cups and taking my own cutlery for food on the go. I then moved on to exploring how I could reduce my plastic waste around the home, so purchasing hand soap refills, and zero-plastic body soaps and shampoos.

I also attended the Zero-Living’s Mitzi Workshop at the end of last year and I was enlightened by how we have become obsessed with cleaning products that are full of harmful chemicals and we often don’t know what they are or what they do, and really there is no need to use such strong chemicals around our homes. It was great to learn that we do not need to fill our houses and especially our kitchens in harmful chemicals. This is something that I am now more conscious of and I’m trying to make thoughtful changes in my home.

Zero-Living - Tabitha Eve None Sponge

Any top sustainable tips for people styling their homes?

You can be sustainable and still have a beautiful home. Fall in love with the products you buy and learn the story of how they were developed and how the business started.

What is your must have Zero-Living product?

I love Tincture at the moment - I purchased their washing up liquid, multi-purpose spray and floor cleaner and I love it. It smells amazing, it cleans really well and I feel so much better knowing that I’m not introducing harmful chemicals into our daily lives for no reason. My partner suffers from asthma and it feels reassuring that the everyday products I use around the home aren’t possibly the cause of worsening symptoms. I also love that Tincture offer the refills so you the containers can be used again and again, and their sleek design looks great in the kitchen!

More more style inspiration check out Inside Our Flat's Instagram page.

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