Timeless Design | Inside the Home of Shauna McGregor

We interviewed the lovely Glaswegian Shauna McGregor to find out her interior style secrets and the best place to source planet-friendly homeware...

Tell us a little about how you started out as a freelance creative; have you always been interested in interiors?

I studied textile design at university in Dundee and was super interested in the creativity in Scotland at the time. I always knew I would do something creativie, but I wasn’t sure what, I used to dream of producing music videos when I was little.

I was always obsessed with fashion I was so intrigued by set design and the incredible story-telling in editorials and ad campaigns – I created my own as part of my honours project.

After uni I went on to work with the Scottish design industry, through Scotland Re:Design creating showcasing opportunities for brands to go global. I even ventured out to Hong Kong on a few trade missions a couple times, creating amazing showrooms in unique building and locations.

I’ve been freelance since I graduated 5 years ago and have had the pleasure of working with and meeting some incredible businesses and brands. I think my passion for interiors really kicked off after buying my first flat, a complete renovation project.

What is your current favourite interior trend?

I’m obsessed with concrete at the moment, especially concrete style canvas art. I’ve made a few myself and love that no two pieces are the same. There’s also no real commitment about a canvas, I can happily lean it on any wall and chop and change where to display them, no holes in the walls either!

Zero-Living - Considered Magazine, Wax+Wick Candle and Kleen Soap

Where do you look for creative trends?

Pinterest is a major source of inspiration; I love discovering new artists who work with mixed media, architects, stylists and so on. I’m addicted to Open Door on Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel.

Which room is the most important part of your home?

I think all rooms are important to me, I am so happy with what we have achieved and its nice to view our hard graft in each room.

Such a tough question but it’s got to be my bedroom. It’s the most complete of all of the rooms and the place I feel most relaxed, especially in the evenings. As the room is all black when we light candles and our table lamps are on it feels like a total zen-den. We just got a new mirror kindly donated to us from our old neighbours which we love, and fits above our dresser so beautifully. It feels very put together now.

How do you decide which products to buy and from where?

I love a brand with a strong ethos and who are open and honest about their supply chain and processes. Stella McCartney evokes this so incredibly well and positively. Also brands who do good is a complete draw for me. Right now, Three Graces are donating 100% of all their web sales directly to children's charity Barnardos which is fantastic.

How do you try and lead a more conscious lifestyle?

I literally thrive on recycling, I feel like I’m doing my bit.

What sustainable brands are you loving at the moment?

I have a few faves at the moment including Scottish based LAW Design Studio. I love Baserange too.

Any top sustainable tips for people styling their homes?

I’d absolutely 100% recommend scouring the net for pre-loved items. It’s amazing what’s out there (and the amount of people who genuinely don’t know what they have). Particularly Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree & Freecycle.

What is your must have Zero-Living product?

I’m obsessed with everything. I think its got to be the Bamboo Shirt by Sunshine Living. You literally cannot go wrong. I mean, if you consider cost per wear for a durable and essential item, it’s a no brainer!

More more style inspiration check out Shauna McGregor's Instagram page.

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