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After recently feeling the brash of Amazon and being dropped for being a small start up based in Poland, Anna from NINIco tells me how she is determined to make a positive impact and how the sustainable movement is beginning to build in Poland.

Tell me a bit more about NINIco…

NINIco is a slow fashion jewellery brand designed to create a statement that helps you to dress up an old outfit. I wanted to make make something that can be worn day or night, that allows you to really make an impact. I want these pieces to be kept and reworn again and again.

The idea was to move away from plastic and look for an alternative material such as the bio polymer I now use which is made from wood pulp and cotton. The process of making each earring takes as long time as I hand cut all the shapes individually and then sand them down. There are then 4 stages to the polishing process which is how I make them beautifully smooth and shiny.

What inspires your designs?

I love the idea of natural shapes, playing with their form and transforming the materials into something new. I always have a notepad and pen on me, so I am able to capture ideas as they come. For me it is never about just sitting down and dreaming up an idea, I have to discover it in a moment. I am currently reading a lot on design and colour combinations, exploring this area more to develop the core aesthetic of the brand.

Tell us about Poland, is it on board with the sustainable movement you’re driving?

There seems to be a real wave of change that’s been happening over the last couple of years, I was one of the first sustainable jewellery brands out there but since then the demand and conversations about change have be growing. There is a real problem with waste, and recycling systems are still few and far between. The need to reduce, reuse, recycle really inspired me to start my brand and help educate and inspire people to think about how they can shop differently and then ultimately reduce the amount of waste they are producing.

How do you try and live a more conscious lifestyle?

I try and not buy things (especially clothes) unless I really need them, I clothes swap with friends a lot or donate things I am not going to wear again to charities. I have also got into cooking with friends more too, it helps reduce waste as it all gets eaten! It also uses less energy to cook one meal, plus its such a lovely social thing todo once a week. Buying local has always been something I do, Poland has lots of great eco cosmetic brands taking off which is amazing to be able to support these small brands. I believe it’s just really simple steps that you end up not even realising you are doing and then before you know it you’ve changed a big part of your life into a positive one.

Future plans for NINIco…

I am developing a new range with a new metal (to be revealed soon!) its an anti allergy metal and super lightweight which means I can continue to develop even more interesting designs and mix it much easier with the bio polymer which is very exciting. I would love to expend the range into more lifestyle pieces as the material is so adaptive and just takes colours so well. So that could be an exciting experiment. But for now I am continuing to focus on the jewellery and selling through online UK platforms like Zero-Living to reach the right customers who care about small brands.








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