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Totally and utterly soaked to the bone, drenched, sodden, soaking. If your clothes are drookit then you clearly didnae hae a brolly (umbrella) or perhaps the rain was so torrential that the brolly couldnt stop your clothes fae being drookit!


That annoying drizzling kind of rain that ruins your day, Its not epic enough to have a lazy rain day indoors but still manages to soak you slowly but surely.


The idea of being isolated and remote was why I initially wanted to spend a week in Scotland, cutting myself off from the madness of London and taking time to regenerate through the power of nature. But the Highlands also offers so much more… breath-taking landscapes, fresh produce on your door step (quite literally), beautifully designed architecture and a brave bunch of friendly locals.

We stayed at The Net Store, an incredibly well built Scandi-inspired Scottish hide away. Its high ceilings, glass walls and minimal interior look, makes its design so impeccable. The magnificent floor to celling windows at the front of the property look out over Loch Torridon, where you can watch the ever-changing weather roll in. There are

boats, birds and (apparently) otters which you can try and spot with the houses own pair of binoculars.


The minimal designs offers a place to escape and unwind, the central wood burning stove offers calming entertainment to enchant you

from dusk until dawn. The house is run on bio fuel, meaning that its whole source of energy comes from the heat of the land. The tap water is fresh off the mountains and the bedrooms offer a luxurious snug at the back corners of the house.

The surrounding villages are sparsely located but offer endless opportunities for grand outdoor explorations on whatever level appeals to you. And of course some of the best cosy pubs to rest your weary legs in after. The Apple Cross Inn, offers the finest traditional menu with daily caught seafood and a large supply of local ales and whiskies. If that wasn’t enough the pub looks out over the Inner Sound on to the Isle of Rassay and beyond to the mountains of Skye.

The joy of being so remote is having an appreciation for the food that you eat, with the nearest large supermarket 50 miles away you understand the importance of the word local. Something we all need to reconnect with to understand the root of the source We were therefore pleasantly surprised with a freshly caught lobster one lunch time, brought to us by The Net Store’s owner after a few days of delayed fishing due to Storm Dennis.

​​The house also offered a place to reflect on the items I own and confirmed the importance of choosing better quality products that need to be functional and long-lasting as well as to come from well trusted brands who make and source their products ethically and sustainably. Due to space I took very few items with me, but those I packed never failed to disappoint.

My Foamie shampoo bar, liquid free, never letting me have to worry about dips and leaks or if I will run out. Also packed was my POD reusable travel bottles, made from recycled aluminium, these are perfect for any trips as they are incredibly light. I also took my Bareya plastic free razor, all packed up in an Agnes Ldn organic up-cycled bag. I was happy to see the owners of The Net Store consciously consuming and had gone for toilet paper from ‘Who Gives a Crap’. I borrowed what warm and waterproof clothes I needed for the trip knowing that these are things I rarely wear. We also shopped for second hand games in a local charity shop and brought fresh produce from a small general store in Torridon.

There’s no denying that a UK holiday comes with a large chance of wind and rain (or storm Dennis), but there are some outstanding areas of natural beauty all over our four Isles that should really be top of your list to discover come rain or shine. And the Scottish Highlands should be your first place to start!







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