This wooden curved dish brush with oiled beechwood handle, leather strap & strong light bristles has been specially designed for ease of use and to reach all corners.


Using a washing up brush is great on tough stains and also means you can have your water slightly hotter as your hands don’t need to be submerged in the water (always take care with water temperatures when washing up).


Even if you have a dishwasher, there will no doubt be certain pans, knives and chopping boards that can’t go in the machine. For items like these you’ll want a high-quality cleaning tool that can stand the test of time. This eco dish brush is made from sustainable raw materials to co-inside with our ethos of protecting the planet and your home with chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning.


The wooden dishwashing brush is great on tough food stains, particularly when combined with Iona Washing Up TINCTURE– an all-natural washing up liquid that removes grease and stubborn marks, while also keeping your home free from toxic ingredients.

Why We Love Dishwashing Brush Tincture

  • Made from sustainable raw materials.
  • Handcrafted in Germany.
  • High-quality, long-lasting design.
  • Makes removing tough food stains easy.

23cm long



Rinse your eco dish brush regularly to keep clean and germ-free. Sanitise once a week by leaving to soak for approximately one hour in warm water with a dash of Iona Washing Up.






How To Use


Use as often as required for your daily washing up, we recommend using the Iona Washing Up TINCTURE.   

Leave brush to dry naturally and avoiding leaving submerged in water. 

Tincture - Dish Washing Brush

  • 100% Natural

    Over the past few years we have worked with leading chemists to carefully create 100% natural home cleaning products. The products only contain the absolute essential, natural ingredients, yet still deliver exceptional cleaning results. 

    Every product developed is 100% natural and made from sustainable plant/vegetable based sources.

    Clinically Tested

    Your health and wellbeing is our main focus when developing and improving our product range.

    We are thrilled to know our products have passed clinical trials. The following are all dermatologically approved and safe for skin:
    All Purpose TINCTURE
    Washing Up TINCTURE
    Bathroom TINCTURE

    Sustainable and Biodegradable 

    All our products are fully biodegradable with all ingredients used sourced from sustainable sources.

    Cruelty Free

    We do not condone the use of animal testing for any of our products. We are committed to acting in a responsible and accountable manner and do not commission any third parties to act on our behalf. All our product ingredients are reviewed prior to use to ensure the suppliers of the ingredients have also not conducted animal testing.  

    Eco Friendly Packaging

    The white, antimicrobial bottle is safe for multi-usage and fully recyclable. 

    Our mini travel sprays are made from 100% recycled plastic and fully recyclable. 

    The sleeves are FSC certified as well as being part of the World Land Trust Charity where emissions are offset by the purchase and preservation of endangered rainforests.

    Zero Waste

    In an effort to reduce single used plastic we are offering glass refills so you can reuse your white, antimicrobial TINCTURE bottle and closures multiple times before recycling. 

    Our mini travel bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and again are fully recyclable. 

    The sleeves are FSC certified as well as being part of the World Land Trust Charity where emissions are offset by the purchase and preservation of endangered rainforests.


    The only product that is not suitable for vegans is our Furniture TINCTURE that contains sustainably sourced beeswax. 

    The rest of our products are suitable to be used by vegetarians and vegans. They are all made from 100% natural, plant based ingredients.

    Made In England

    We are proud to be a British brand and support local businesses and manufacturers. All our products are designed, developed and made in the UK. Our components are sourced from Wales to Suffolk and all products are hand finished here in England.