A simple way to keep used razor blades safe.


A metal tin with a razor blade sized opening to insert used razor blades.

Simply recycle the whole tin when it is full, this means no contact with a single used blade is ever needed.


All packaging is recyclable and plastic free.


Rose & Thorne - The Blade Disposal Tin


    The beauty of a metal razor is the weight that comes with it. The Rose & Thorne Double Edge Safety Razor is perfectly designed to give you all the pressure that is needed to cut the hair right at it’s base. Simply pull the razor across your skin and let the razor do the work for you.


    It may take a little time to get used to the weight and angle of the Rose & Thorne Double Edge Safety Razor so begin with a slow, light touch. We suggest starting with your legs before any other areas of the body.


    Aim for a 30 degree angle but don’t get too hung up on this, using a Rose & Thorne Double Edge Safety Razor is very intuitive. You know your body so a good pace with a little care is that is needed to begin.