We think its time to end single use plastics and start new positive patterns of behaviour. This versatile set of three 100ml screen-printed aluminium screw-top bottles arrives empty and ready to fill with your own selection of cosmetic or cleaning products. Wash in warm soapy water between uses.  Aluminium is far more widely recycled than other metals but it's also more malleable and prone to dents.  Expect the bottles to age a little with use - we think that's part of the charm.

PATTERNITY + pød - Teal Travel Set

  • Bottle

    — made in Switzerland from 100% aluminium
    — recyclable locally
    — food and drink safe lining (FDA approved, BPA free)
    — dishwasher safe / handwash in warm soapy water
    — capacity / Dimensions: 100ml / 110 x 40 x 40 mm