Palo Santo is known for its properties in dispelling negative energy, providing spiritual protection and bringing good luck.


The Palo Santo – it’s name meaning in Spanish literally means ‘Holy Wood’ – is a tree typically found in South America, in areas such as Peru and Ecuador. It’s been used and revered by many for hundreds of years for it's cleansing, spiritual, healing and medicinal properties –  similar to the qualities that can be found in sage and cedar. It has a delicate, fresh and woody aroma with hints of mint and citrus. 


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Suggested usage

Burn chips as you would incense or smudge sticks; light, allow to burn momentarily, blow out the flame and fan ember – note the chip may need to be re-lit. The properties of Palo Santo wood make it ideal for use in the cleansing of places, people and objects for clearing ceremonies and before meditation and prayer.



All of our Palo Santo products have been traditionally, legally and ethically gathered and harvested. Traditionally a Palo Santo tree lasts for around 80 years and the wood is only used once the tree has been dead for 4-10 years – when the tree is alive, the scent is completely devoid in the wood. It is only once the wood has been untouched where it has grown that it will then create its exceptional properties. 

Country of Origin: Northern Peru; re-packaged in Grand Mesa, Colorado

Palm of Feronia - Ethically Harvested, Fairtrade Palo Santo Incense


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