Lovely glass storage jars as seen in cafes, delis and restaurants. They are great for keeping your teabags nice and fresh and your kitchen cupboard very tidy.


They are made from durable light-weight glass, have a top quality air-tight wooden lid and are a must have accessory for any tea fan!

They can contain up to 60-80 teabags or 400-600g of loose-leaf tea.


Product Specifications:

  • Made from light weight durable glass

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Air-tight silicone seal wooden lid

  • Height 18cm

  • Width 10cm

NEMI - Glass Jar

  • We believe that good taste starts with good business. We make premium tea products, that spark enjoyment and create opportunities for refugees to shape their own journey.

    EMPLOYMENT FOR REFUGEES — we believe everyone in the UK regardless whether they are refugees or economic migrants should get the same chances as all Londoners for a decent quality of life and the opportunity to contribute to London and its development.

    FAIRTRADE MOVEMENT — often those who grow and pick your tea don’t earn enough to feed their families let alone plan for the future. But when the tea is bought on Fairtrade terms, farmers and workers benefit in many ways, from improved working conditions through to training in how to improve the way they farm and manage their environment to the opportunity to improve healthcare and education in their community.