These bottoms are designed for Lilja the Label by Chloé Kian. The sustainable Chloé set is made from plastic waste collected from the oceans – by purchasing the set you are helping to make a difference!



Material 78% recycled polyester collected from the oceans, 22% elastane

Subtle floral print with white contrast band

Tied in the back

Chloé wears size XS in this top

Made ethically and sweat-shop free in Bali

Lilja - Sustainable Swimwear Chloé Bottoms

  • Chloés inspiration behind the design:

    “The inspiration comes from my personal style, I wanted to make a bikini that I would personally like and create it from a place of love and creativity. It represents minimalism because of the simple patterns and colors. The fact that it’s reversible allows you to have two bikinis for the space of only one which I think is awesome when wanting to reduce personal belongings and possessions. The colors are natural and timeless so that the bikini can be worn over the years. I wanted to make a piece that would be as long lasting as possible to reduce its impact on the environment and for the owners to cherish it overtime.This is why I also chose to make it reversible. When I get bored of wearing it on one side I can just flip it. As women, our breast changes size and sensitivity over the cycle and also over the years. This is why the back knot is adjustable because I want every woman who wears it to feel comfortable and safe in it. The bikini is designed to be active in and out the water, whether you’re surfing, swimming, running or jumping while also looking very feminine and elegant. The high waisted bottoms bring a touch of vintage to this look.”