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Beautiful bohemian wall hanging made with recycled cotton rope and driftwood.

This macramé wall hanging is the perfect way to bring some depth and texture into any room of the house adding a lovely rustic boho feel to your home. As this piece is small it will look lovely in a baby's nursery or a hallway as a stylish and cozy decor.
Hang against a wall using a nail or wall mount for easy installation. 

3mm recycled cotton yarn
Width 26cm
Length 32cm
Total Length 40cm

All products are handmade with love in London. 

*Since items are handmade, there may be slight differences*

KALICRAME - Macramé Wall Hanging – Natural – Mini

  • Kali Sellars is a London based fashion designer with a newfound passion for
    macramé art.

    Kali creates handmade, contemporary macramé wall hangings and plant hangerswith a fresh twist.

    Kali’s work is inspired by her life experience of soaking up different surroundings,from the crazy neon lights of Tokyo to London’s urban street culture via the bohemian vibes of Sydney.

    Kali’s pieces are created from recycled cotton, driftwood and metal pipes, with a touch of neon colour to add a contemporary edge.

    All her pieces are handmade in London.