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  • FOLKDAYS - Delima Laptop Bag


    Artisan: Penan Tribe

    Country: Malaysia

    Material: 100% rattan // 100% cotton (lining)

    Size: 35cm x 27cm


    Our Delima Laptop Bag is a result of our cooperation with Goethe-Institut of South-East Asia. It was designed by the designers of Teuber Kohlhoff from Berlin. Using local rattan, people of the Penan tribe, who live very remote in a small jungle village on the Malaysian part of Borneo, wove our laptop case. It carefully wraps around your laptop and keeps it save while shining bright in colorful patterns.

    Every Delima Laptop Bag has a unique pattern.


      FOLKDAYS business model is geared at creating social impact through sustainable business in three ways.

      Decent income

      Decent income allows craftspeople to preserve and promote their traditional handicraft tradition and cultural heritage. 

      We buy directly from our artisans and pay a fair, self-determined price for each product without suppressing wages or encouraging dumping. Unlike most other fashion labels, we often also pay our producers in advance to relieve them of having to shoulder raw material and production costs. Finally, we connect our artisans to other buyers and explicitly do not reserve the right to be the sole buyer of jointly developed products, thereby allowing them to independently grow their business.

      Social business support

      Our producers are hand-picked for the quality of their craft as well as alignment with our values. We work with many women-run businesses, indigenous peoples and support a variety of social businesses in places like India, Cambodia or Peru. 

      At FOLKDAYS, Made in Bangladesh or Made in Ethiopia does not stand for below-minimum wages and exploitation. We provide additional fair income and self-determined, flexible, part-time work to subsistence farmers, mothers, and people in remote communities.

      Shaping the discourse and values in fashion

      Our fair fashion, accessories and interior items do not follow short term trends and are designed to last. Far from the fast fashion hype, we hope that we can awaken your appreciation for quality materials and bring you joy without creating a need for overconsumption.

      You also won't find us announcing a sale. Our prices reflect the true value of a high quality, handcrafted product to which we add a 50% markup that allows us to pay our staff and run a profitable business. We are transparent about this, because we want you to be conscious about and this idea with every product you buy.


      Shipping with in Europe in 5-7 business days


      Of course, you have the option to return your order in accordance with the time limits specified in our terms and conditions.
      In order to process returns based on exercising cancellation rights or due to defects, the customer is asked to observe the following:

      1. Please contact us beforehand in the event of a return and send us an email to info.zeroliving@gmail.com. We will send you a DHL label so you don't have any extra costs for your return.

      2. The product must be packed in the original packaging (this applies only in the event of cancellation within the deadline period), otherwise the original shipping container or similar damage-resistant packaging should be used to prevent damage to the original product packaging. All parts of the product must be included.