Give back and support the Black Lives Matter Movement with our Charity Gift Set.


We will be donating 100% of our profits to support the Steven Laurence Charitable Trust - building carees, building communities and building a fairer society for all.


This gift contains a Kinshipped 'Unconditional Love' card - Printed using FSC and acid-free paper, these cards come 'naked' with no plastic packaging.

Plus choose from Bare Bones handmade organic, fairtrade chocolate - avalible in 4 flavours, with 100% recyclable packaging.


Bare Bones works with cooprative schemes to ensure that the coca they are farming has a longeverty for the farmers, they are paid a fair price, the land is looked after and protected. 

UCLS Cooperative

XOCO Cooperative

OKO Caribe


Steven Laurence Charitable Trust 

We believe:

All young people should receive the education, training and help they need to reach their potential.

Only 10% of apprentices in England are from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, although 25% of applicants come from those backgrounds. We think every young person should be enabled to succeed, not limited by where they are born or the school they go to.


All young people should get the information and support they need to make informed choices about their education and future careers. 

4 out of 5 schools in the UK are failing to provide young people with the career advice and information they need, and young people who are uncertain or unrealistic about their career options are less likely to gain the skills and qualifications they need. This contributes to youth unemployment, which is nearly three times the rate of unemployment in the general population. We don’t think the talent of so many young people should be wasted.


Everyone should have the opportunity to progress in the career of their choice based on their skills and abilities, not their background.

Young people with better-educated parents and those from middle-income families are more likely to follow a career in science. Meanwhile, black graduates are around twice as likely as white graduates to be unemployed. And as they progress in their careers, only 1 in 15 people in a management position are from BAME backgrounds. We don’t think it’s fair that who your parents are or the colour of your skin should determine how successful you are.


Senior managers in every company and every industry should reflect the rich diversity of people in the UK.

Despite making up over half the population, less than a quarter of board members of FTSE 100 companies are women, and less than 7% come from black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds. We think businesses perform better when they benefit from the skills and talents of people from diverse backgrounds  (government research shows that only 1 in 9 children from low income backgrounds eventually get into the top jobs).


From local councils to central government, those who govern on our behalf should reflect the demographics of the people they serve.

Whilst 14% of the population comes from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background, less than 1% of local councillors in England come from those backgrounds and only 42 out of 650 MPs.

Charity Gift Set - Unconditional Love

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  • FLAVOUR 1:

    Single origin Guatemala 68% Dark with taste notes of honey and brown sugar with a yellow fruit finish. 

    Region: Rio Dulce
    Source: XOCO Cooperative
    Conditions: 600m above sea level
    Fermentation: Fermented in wooden boxes 
    Ingredients: Cocoa beans, organic raw unrefined cane sugar, organic cocoa butter.

    Vegan Friendly

    FLAVOUR 2:

    Single origin Dominican Republic 68% dark chocolate with taste notes of salted caramel and roasted hazelnuts. The Maldon salt is ground smooth within the chocolate for 24 hours and acts as a flavour indicator to bring out the natural sweetness from the cacao. The salt creates the perfect balance of sweet and savoury – making it incredibly complex and moreish. 


    Region: Duarte Province
    Variety: Trinitario and Criollo
    Source: OKO Caribe
    Certification: Organic Certified
    Conditions: 200–350m above sea level 
    Fermentation: 5-6 days in four tiers of wooden boxes

    Ingredients: Cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter and organic Maldon sea salt. 

    Vegan Friendly

    FLAVOUR 3:

    Award-winning single-origin Honduras 60% milk chocolate with taste notes of raisins, fudge and double cream. An indulgent milk chocolate with rich chocolate tones. 

    Region: Copan
    Variety: Mayan Red Trinitario
    Source: XOCO Cooperative 
    Conditions: 600m above sea level 
    Fermentation: Fermented and dried at post-harvest centre

    Ingredients: Cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic milk powder, organic cocoa butter.

    FLAVOUR 4:

    Award-winning single-origin Madagascar 70% dark chocolate with taste notes of maple syrup and cherry with a raspberry jam finish.  Beautifully rich and without the bitterness commonly associated with dark chocolate. 


    Region: Sambirano, grown amongst mangos, bananas and vanilla. 
    Source: UCLS Cooperative
    Certification: Organic certified
    Fermentation: Fermentation boxes located in local collection centres

    Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter.

    Vegan Friendly

    ALL PACKAGING 100% recycled and recyclable or compostable.