For those who prefer to make their own cleaning products or for those who would rather buy in bulk and decanter. With the silver caps, these bottles are excellent for travel or for storing liquids like fabric softener and cleaning products.


Please note labels are not included

300ml bottle: 15cm H x 6.5cm Diameter

500ml bottle: 18cm H x 7.6cm Diameter

CLEAN NATURED - Blue Glass Bottle Silver Cap


    Clean Natured is based on the idea that your wardrobe contains good quality, everyday basics, so why not your home?

    Started in 2016 with a very small collection of Amber Bottles, we liked the idea of beautiful products that just so happened to be kind to the earth. All of our products have been carefully curated and will fit into any type of home. Whether you live in a modern apartment, a cabin in the woods or an old, run down terrace, our products will fit seemingly along with your style.

    Everyday beautiful basics, (that just so happen to be earth friendly).

    We didn’t want to delve on this fact, we felt as a new brand we had no excuse not to be environmentally friendly and actually it shouldn’t need to be reinforced, its just forgiven.

    With that in mind, you’re safe in the knowledge that all our packaging has either been donated, hunted down, or reused from our suppliers, so everything gets a second use before being recycled. All the packing tape, stickers and notes are biodegradable and we don’t include any delivery notes.

    Pick up is also available if you’re passing by Winchester.


    Alice set up Clean Natured whilst on maternity leave with her first child. She lives in Winchester with her husband and two children, Clara and Conrad and the local stray cat, named Fugly.