A bundle tailored to those who do not want to be running after blades. This bulk bundle counts 10 packs of 10 universal double edge blades made of stainless steel. 


Dimensions: app 4.4 x 2.5 cm each

BAREAYA - Refill Bundle Pack 100 Blades

  • When we decided to ditch our plastic razor for a durable one, we had a hard time finding a model that was efficient, skin-friendly and elegant all at the same time. We were also surprised by the number of people, especially women, who were afraid to take the leap. Bold, chunky, over-manly designs and aggressive blades are what make the current market offer quite intimidating.

    So we decided to build our own. We believe we managed to create the perfect razor to get more people on board of a plastic-free bathroom routine.

    • A single blade to provide an irritation and ingrown-free shave.
    • A strongly curved blade, with minimal exposure and sitting close to the razor head, to offer a low aggressiveness level - while still maintaining the efficiency.
    • A closed comb to ensure a good guard against cuts and an easy glide on the skin.
    • A long handle to reach every parts of our body.
    • A pinched neck below the head to provide an ergonomic and handy design.
    • A finely chiseled handle to offer a good grip in the shower.
    • A heavy weight and perfect balance so you only have to let it glide on the skin.
    • A thinner, more elegant look