A walk through the woods after a thunderstorm. Damp cedar. Fresh leaves. Citrus rays of morning light slice through the canopy. Take a deep breath. Day begins again.


Key notes: Cedar, Eucalyptus, Bitter Orange, Rosemary


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The effective, life-changing, natural deodorant balm inspired by London’s West End. Plastic free, aluminium free and cruelty free, our enriched blend of fragrant botanicals and Deo-Barrier Complex™ keeps you feeling dry and confident all day long- without breaking character. Ever. Good for you and the planet. 100% recyclable.




1 tube lasts approx 6-8 weeks

AKT - Deodorant Balm SC.02 EXT. AFTER THUNDER


Akt is a London based premium skincare label that creates intelligent deodorant formulations BORN TO PERFORM. 

Designed with efficacy, strong environmental ethics and premium fragrances at its forefront, Akt provides a highly discernible, earth-conscious clientele with a new solution to personal hygiene and self-care. 

All formulations are made in the UK and are tested on professional dancers for their efficacy and functionality. They’re then hand poured and packed into our signature, vibrant, plastic free packaging. 

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