Designed to reduce the need for packaged nut/oat milks that come in single use packaging. The fabric has been tested to ensure you get the smoothest milk possible, the drawstring design makes the bag easy to use. The bag can be used for straining nuts, seeds, oats and for making jam. Made from Organic cotton and bamboo which is handwoven on small powerlooms in Kerela. The bags are then handmade and stamped with non toxic ink.


Simply hand wash to clean when you're finished making your milk.

Size - 25cm x 23 cm.


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How to make Oat Milk:

1. Soak your oats for 30 mins.

2. Blend your oats and water.

3. Strain your mixture through the bag into a bowl or jug.

4. Serve and enjoy!


Zero waste tip - Turn your oat pulp into oat cakes or add to home made protein balls.




Made from GOTS certfied organic cotton and bamboo muslin with cotton cord. 

Agnes LDN - Milk Bag


Sustainability is at the very core of everything we do with the brand. We’re always aspiring to be better. Agnes sells handmade goods that are designed to reduce packaging waste. As much as we can, we research into where our fabric is sourced and how it is made, for example for our Grocery bags we use 100% organic GOTS cotton. We try to support fellow small businesses that have similar values as we believe change starts with the community. 

​Everything is handmade by Sophie or her partner. They like to add personalization to Agnes products. The aim is to feel as though it gives the user a personal connection to the decisions they are making.

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