Planet, People & Packaging

How we aim to do better everyday


We have a huge commitment to ensure that we are protecting our planet and the people on it.

Our current retail sector is outdated and causing huge problems with overproduction, waste, toxins, plastics and inequality. We aim to help individuals to think before they buy and choose products that have been made with the planet and people as a top priority.

We only work with small and independent brands that are dedicated to making a difference, we make sure that the brands we choose are as transparent as possible about their production, waste and ethics.

We are continuing to learn more about our brands supply chains to help us be as transparent as possible about who makes their products and where they are made. We know this is an area we need to find out more information and feed back to you, so that you can learn alongside us.

Dedicated to equality for all and understanding the imperative need to change. Ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. Believing that no one should have poorer life chances because of their gender, race, disability or background.

Packaging is an on-going, ever-changing issue we are constantly learning about and we hold the reduction of packaging waste a top priority here at Zero-Living. We want to ensure the products you buy from us leave you with as little waste as possible. That's why we focus on making sure the brands we work with send as little packaging as possible which can be recycled or reused as much as possible.