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Ethically sourced ingredients from an organic wholesaler in Devon.

Planet conscious principles.

About the brand. 

After reacting poorly to a mislabeled line of products the founder of Minzaanî Martina became more vigilant of ingredient lists and how they affected her, sharing her story she learned many people had similar experiences and an idea was born "to create something transparent, accessible and relevant".  
They ethically source all their ingredients from an organic wholesaler in Devon, who source their stock primarily from villages in West Africa and the Caribbean. Over time their philosophy has developed, tying in their East African heritage and belief in giving back - their name accounting for heritage (meaning scale, in Luganda) while initiatives like #GreenFingers (find out more below to save 30% of your next order) ​were created to encourage customers to get involved with recycling and giving back. 
In addition to ethically sourced ingredients, Minzaanî is committed to making an impact and offering insight into areas that aren't typically explored. We aim to invite our customers into the larger discussion of representation, sustainability and transparency in the skin care industry. Whether that's at the beginning or somewhere in the middle of your journey as a conscious shopper, supporting our brand is a decision to shop with the aforementioned principles in mind and an obligation for us to introduce you to more aspects of clean skincare.

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Green Fingers: How You Can Recycle Your Jars

Hey Green Fingers,

We heard that you've finished your product(s) and it's time to follow up on that 30% off. These are the steps you need to take each time you're ready to make a claim on the initiative, don't worry they're not complicated at all. The first step is usually to get in touch with us, which you'll do right after reading the process outlined below.

The Process:

Return a single empty and receive 10% off your next purchase.
Return 2 empties and receive 20% off your next purchase.
Return 4 empties and receive 30% off your next purchase.


  • Once you've contacted us, we will forward you a return address. You'll need to fill out this form so we know who you are when we receive your empty jars. 
  • Please rinse your jars and bottles out with warm water and soap (washing liquid will do).

  • When boxing make sure lids are sealed tightly onto the jars and for serum droppers that they are in their respective bottles, also sealed tightly. 
  • Please leave a note and details associated with your Minzaanî account (this is your email) inside your return so that we don't confuse your order for somebody else's.
  • Damaged items can also be returned and are expected to be washed and sealed accordingly, as outlined in preceding points.
  • Return your items safely via Royal Mail Signed 2nd Class Delivery 
    Currently, we do not cover the cost of returns and this is to be covered by you.
  • When your jar(s) and/or bottle(s) are received we will contact you once more with your unique discount code!

Eligible Products:

Hygeia Bean Mask | Shea Nirvana

Sunshine In Cleanser | Sunshine in Salicylic 

Nü Face + Body | Rü Marula

Hü Adans Daily Cleanser


Here are some other cool ways to re-purpose your old cosmetic jars:

1. Melt Your Own Candles

Not only do they improve the smell of any room, candles are known to uplift your mood. You can opt to up-cycle your jar and make your own candles at home.

2. Minimal Plant Pots

alternatively, using your jars as planters is an even more eco-conscious move.

There are entire communities of people who are dedicated to growing plants in jars, for the aesthetic and general challenge and it looks amazing!