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Legra started as way to bring clean, non-toxic alternatives to their family.

Planet conscious principles.

Legra is a family company located in the vibrant town of Leigh on Sea, creating all natural soap and deodorant. They took the name ‘Legra’ from the first recorded name for their town, as documented in the doomsday book, 1086.

Legra started as way to bring clean, non toxic alternatives to their family with the everyday products that they use, looking for ways to create a more sustainable lifestyle without the compromising of effectiveness. Instead of being as good as commercial products on the market, they found that they had created a powerful plant based formula that was in most cases, superior and kept the whole family smelling fresh and amazing.

LEGRA products are always free of aluminium, propylene glycol, SLS, PEG, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance and colourants.

Our non plastic packaging is biodegradable.

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