UK based planet-conscious brands for your home

Choose better.

Zero-Living is the home of planet conscious brands. Our aim is to help consumers make the right choices, without sacrificing good design. We do this by hand-selecting products that are in line with our core values. In particular, we want to introduce our customers to quality products that will help them reduce waste, use fewer natural resources, and are made to the highest ethical standards. 

It shouldn't cost the earth.

As a society, our shopping habits are unsustainable. Change is needed, and it can only come from working together. The brands we stock have a fundamental aim to do things differently, and are working hard to make this happen. We seek out brands that offer plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, FSC certified, handmade, Fair-Trade, organic and repurposed products. 

Supporting women.

Over 85% of our brands are managed by women. We therefore support WEN The Women's Environmental Network, donating a percentage of our profits and working on projects that connect gender, health and the environment.

Championing small & local.

We only work with small brands that want to make a big difference. All of them are UK based. Each one of them is deeply passionate about their craft and hold caring for the environment a top priority.

Conscious consuming.

Our concept store at 68 Duke Street in the heart of Mayfair introduces you to a new way of shopping that allows you to immerse yourself within a home setting, surrounded by planet-friendly furniture brands and reclaimed pieces that will make you rethink the term ‘waste’. Try products and build a connection before you buy them, and join in our events to get you thinking about how to make your home a little more waste-free. 

You are in charge of the change, but we can make it easy for you.

Planet-friendly packaging & shipping.

We believe it is our responsibility to make sure that the products you buy get to you with as little impact as possible. This means we now use UPS carbon neutral shipping with a flat rate across all of your orders. We also only use recycled cardboard and paper packaging, plus biodegradable/ recyclable brown tape. We also reuse as much waste packaging from our suppliers as possible and we always make sure your products have as little packaging as we can.

We hope to encourage you to reuse your packaging again once you have received it from us or if this is not possible fully recycle it.


Meet our founder, Natalie.

Natalie started Zero-Living in 2018 after working in the fashion industry for seven years. Having become disillusioned with the sector and its way of working, particularly its poor environmental and social practices, she decided it was time to do something different.

The aim was to do something positive for the environment, learn something new along the way, and bring others with her on that journey.

Zero-living has gone from being a back-of-an-envelope idea to a platform with over 50 brands, a concept store in Mayfair and big plans for the future!