Zero-Living - Tincture Cleaning Products

This week we caught up with Hayley, founder of Inside Our Flat who shared with her top sustainable tips and why she is using more toxic-free cleaning products in her home.

Where do you look for creative trends?

I think Instagr...


Zero-Living - Piglet In Bed Linen Throw & Sheets

This week we spoke to Emma the founder of Form and Balance about why she's is trying to reduce her consumption in the home, how patience is the key to interior design success and her recent work with our lovely brand Pig...

Zero-Living - Considered Magazine

We interviewed the lovely Tara Scholes to find out her interior style trend and how she is leading a more planet conscious interior lifestyle...

Tell us a little about how you started out as an interiors stylist; have you always bee...

We interviewed the lovely Glaswegian Shauna McGregor to find out her interior style secrets and the best place to source planet-friendly homeware...

Tell us a little about how you started out as a freelance creative; have you always been interested in int...

April 29, 2020












The most exciting part of my week right now is going for a long walk. I go to Beckenham park which is large, beautifully overgrown and full of wild flowers. As well as soaking up the birdsong and eyeballing the huge...

Well we are here to discuss exactly that! Helping to educate and answer a few of those questions you've always wondered.

The question started when I began reading the amazing book 'How Bad Are Bananas?' by Mike Berners Lee, if you haven't yet read it I totally adv...

After recently feeling the brash of Amazon and being dropped for being a small start up based in Poland, Anna from NINIco tells me how she is determined to make a positive impact and how the sustainable movement is beginning to build in Poland.

Tell me a bit more about...

February 25, 2020


Totally and utterly soaked to the bone, drenched, sodden, soaking. If your clothes are drookit then you clearly didnae hae a brolly (umbrella) or perhaps the rain was so torrential that the brolly couldnt stop your clothes fae being drookit!


That a...

Need something to cheer you up this January, but want to make sure you stick to all your green new year resolutions? Well we have the guide of all guides of how to eat and drink green, where to shop sustainably and what eco events to check out over the next month. We w...

November 13, 2018

We've interviewed Zero-Living's Isobel Higley on why she is an eco warrior and how her 'waste clay' recycling is making everyone very 'Happy'!

Tell us your story, how did you begin your brand and why?

I am all about making people smile and promoting positivity....

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